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    江西财经大学坚持开放办学,自1999年招收第一批来华留学生以来,共接收各类留学生300余名。目前学校拥有30余门英语授课的经济管理类专业课程、30余门汉语言及文化类课程、10余门有特色的经济类课程,可供留学生选择。学校于2013年获得“中国政府奖学金来华留学生培养”单位资格,由此,学校可接收受“ 中国政府专项奖学金-支持地方政府学历生奖学金”资助的来华留学生。学校还获得江西省人民政府提供的“江西省政府外国留学生奖学金”。




                                                                       校长 王乔


                                 A Message from President


    Thank you for your attention!


    Under joint leadership of Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education and People's Government of Jiangxi Province, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics (JUFE) is a higher institution specialized in economics and management- related disciplines, and enjoying coordinated development of other disciplines such law, engineering, humanities, sciences, agriculture, philosophy, history and arts. On Feb. 6th, 2008, Premier Wen Jiabao spoke highly of JUFE during his visit.


    With Chinese economy and culture being more influential and pervasive, an increasing number of students over the world choose to study in China and experience China. As a government-sponsored university committed to quality higher education, JUFE boasts its long history and achievements under the guidance of motto " Faithfulness, Curiosity, Cleanness and Perseverance" and principles of " Dedication, Harmony and Striving for Perfection." The university is characterized with cultivating entrepreneurs who can represent our motto.


    Devoted to internationalization, JUFE has hosted over 300 overseas students since its first enrollment of foreign students in 1999. Up to date, JUFE provides a wide range of courses for overseas students: more than 30 courses for economics and administration studies, over 30 Chinese and Chinese cultural courses and tens of economics- related courses. In 2013, JUFE was granted “University for Overseas Students on Chinese Government Scholarship”, which means that JUFE is eligible to host overseas students on Chinese Government Scholarship or on Local Government Scholarship. In the same year, People's Government of Jiangxi Province awarded JUFE with “Overseas Students Scholarship of People's Government of Jiangxi Province”.


    I'm convinced that JUFE will be a best choice to experience specialized education, make a full play of your potential which will make a difference to your life. As numerous alumni who began their brilliant career here, you'll pave the way for your bright future in JUFE.


    I look forward to meeting you at JUFE and making history together.


                                           President  Wang Qiao

                                         March. 10, 2014